Target Your Perfect Audience And Skyrocket Your Ads Performance

Get the audiences your competition can’t reach with HELLO TARGETING, the only targeting solution in the market with AI integration.

Be on top of your competition by targeting hyper-segmented audiences and hidden interests, thanks to our artificial intelligence integration.

Are you ready to raise your profits after the first trial?


Hello Targeting Software + Convierte Cards + Advanced Targeting Guide ebook version

Hello Targeting

Convierte Cards

Ebook Advanced Targeting Guide

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There’s No Such Thing As “Good Campaigns”,
Only Good Targeting.

It’s time to step up with the most powerful targeting tool created by marketers for marketers, capable to reach the hidden interest Facebook is not showing you and with the help of AI.

Why Hello Targeting Is Your Most Powerful Tool?

We’re ahead of trends! Bringing the future to your present, but with the costs of the past. With Hello Targeting, you’ll be able to:

Powerful Interest Search

Visualize personalized Facebook interests to find less competitive CPMs

Audience Library

Get access to the widest Interests Library organized by niches.

Google Chrome Extension

Find interest right from your explorer, through our Google Chrome extension.

Search, but make it Smart!

What Can You Get From Hello Targeting?

AI powered 

Extended Search Of Interests With Artificial Intelligence

Imagine using your favorite search engine, but applied to Facebook… No more searches without results!

Thanks to our AI software. Find interests related to any topic you’re looking for, and reduce your campaign’s costs.

up to 100 times more results

Search Engine For Hidden Interests

Reach the least competitive audiences that Facebook is not showing you, thanks to our extended search engine for hidden interests available to you. Save and export them as CSV files to simplify your processes.

Audience library

+40 Audience Categories Ready To Use

Beat the blank page syndrome and safe time thanks to the widest audience libraries. Get access to specific interests related to each niche, according to its reach and relevance, to make more profitable campaigns.

agencies and teams

Team Management

Great for agencies and teams looking to simplify their processes and optimize their time.

Add up to 5 additional users that will be able to search interests.

Google Chrome Extension

Optimize Your Search With Our Google Chrome Extension

Tired of creating and copying lists to verify their compatibility with Facebook interests? 

Thanks to our Google Chrome Extension, you can search, create and edit your interests directly from your explorer, to then import them to Hello Targeting.

Add an interest, keep the work in one place, continue later according to your convenience and save time with this unique feature Hello Targeting offers.

Get Your 1-year License Today, And Get Back Your Investment With Your Next Campaign Using Hello Targeting

Pro AI


$497 USD / Year

T&C Members Exclusive Offer

Convierte Cards: Targeting Edition

A creative, autodidact and fun tool to learn how to create an effective campaign, target your audience properly.

Play And Succeed With Your Ads!

How many times have you tried to create a campaign and had no idea where to begin? Wait… Did you even begin?

Get ready to beat the blank space syndrome with the Convierte Cards: Targeting Edition, a fun marketing game that will guide you step-by-step on who to create more effective, precise and profitable campaigns.

Go from average to WOW after the first round!

21 Targeting Cards Just For You!

We’ve designed this fun learning system to serve you as a guide, which you can turn to as many times as you need. Get ideas and examples to take action!

20 Convierte Cards

$97 USD

Advanced Targeting Guide

Learn the basics on how to segment your ads campaigns effectively, with this guide (eBook version) that will help you understand the best practices and how to get the most out of your investment.

Target, attract and impact with your Ad Campaign!

With the Advanced Targeting Guide you’ll learn how to segment your ideal audience in order to show your ads only to those who qualify as potential clients. 

Raise your reach and lower your cost per lead saving time and money.

More Awareness

Keep in touch with your potential clients! Always visible and present for them in their preferred social networks.

More Clients

Find new clients that help you escalate your campaigns and reach new people.

More Conversions

Take your ad to the next level! Show it to those who are already interested in your product or service.

Advanced Targeting Guide

Advanced Targeting Guide eBook version

$97 USD


Hello Targeting Software

Convierte Cards Method

Copywriting and Targeting Strategies for Facebook Ads

Ebook Advanced Targeting Guide

Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your campaigns and raise your profit with Hello Targeting and the exclusive tools that will skyrocket your ads!

Hello Targeting Is Meant For

Online Business Owners

If you manage your own online ad campaigns, Hello Targeting will be your ally to find niches where you can stand out and get better results.

Digital Marketing Professionals

If you’re a Media Buyer or Digital Trafficker, Hello Targeting is your tool! Get the audiences your competition can’t reach and gain more benefits for you and your clients.

Digital Marketing Agencies

Hello Targeting is the only segmentation tool oriented to the Hispanic market that will help you manage your different teams, optimize your time and performance.


Hello Targeting

$497 USD / Year

Convierte Cards

$97 USD

Ebook Advanced Targeting Guide

$97 USD



$100 USD


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As an exclusive offer for T&C members, we are offering premium access to Hello Targeting, Convert Targeting Cards and Advanced Targeting Guide eBook, together. You will not see this pack anywhere else, not at this price. If you want only one of these products, you can buy it separately, but at its full price.

Yes, this offer will be available only during the T&C Summit 2021 event.

The Hello Targeting license must be renewed once a year.

If you are a Digital Marketing Professional, Trafficker, Media Buyer, or simply If you take care of your own business’ ads and/or offer this service to other companies, this exclusive pack is for you! It will allow you to create better segmented campaigns and obtain more profits at a lower cost.

Of course. This tool allows you to add up to 5 additional users for your workspace with the same license.

The Convert Cards that we are offering you in this exclusive pack for T&C members come in physical format, so that you can take them with you wherever you want and start learning with your team or by your own. 

The AI Plan will have a monthly cost of $49.