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Getting a profitable online campaign can become a complex task, involving high costs and low profit margin. The reason? Too many marketers doing the same thing in the middle of a saturated market.

But how can you stand out and succeed with your ad? We realized there was no targeting tool in the market with an AI integration, and that combined all the features needed to:

Create a hyper-specific segmentation, different from those used by the rest of the advertisers

Reach a more relevant audience for your brand through hidden interests that no one else is using

Get ideal customers that your competition is ignoring

Raise conversion rate in order to get successful and profitable campaigns

So after many years of searching, learning and working to assist more than thousands of clients, and investing hundreds of millions of dollars in online ad campaigns, we, Ads Factory and Convierte Mas, as leading companies in online marketing and digital traffic in Spain and Latin America, created an alliance to develop our own strategic tool to make your ads relevant again and hit the blank when it comes to targeting.

Hello Targeting was born out of a need shared by many marketers and advertising agencies.

It is the first tool created by marketers for marketers and the only one in the market in SpanishIt allows you to discover interests where others can't and reach more segmented audiences, thanks to the Artificial Intelligence.

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Joel López


Jose Villalobos


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