Hello Targeting is under constant development to be on top of trends, and as the first tool in the market with AI integration, we’re committed to continue offering advanced features that will help you stay competitive with high-performance campaigns. Therefore, we invite you to share your feedback to improve our tool! Help us help you, - to get the best results out of this solution created by marketers for marketers. How? Get your license to start optimizing your time and campaign results as soon as today.

Check what’s next!

We continue to innovate to add ways to HelloTargeting to help you create better targeting.

Interest generation via artificial intelligence with natural language understanding.

You can tell HelloTargeting the buyer persona you want and it will generate the list of interests for you.

You can search for healthy food lovers with young children and get a list of interests.

Get a list of interests from a URL

With our Google Chrome extension you can analyse a web page and get a list of interests.

Creation of alerts for new interests, deleted interests and interest sizes

You will be able to create alerts that monitor interests and their sizes.

Creating Faceboook Ads audiences from HelloTargeting